“What if I could find an IT company that provides
both reliable and affordable solutions?”

As a small or medium business, IT is quite often at the heart of your day-to-day operations.  Although your systems are up and running, the thought of a system crash or computer failure impacting your business remains in the back of your mind.  

That’s where we come in. 

At Loricus, we understand that your IT budget is limited, yet you require reliable and affordable IT solutions to keep your business up and running.  Small and medium businesses are our sole priority.  We strive to ensure that the IT infrastructure, that your business relies on, operates efficiently and optimally while keeping IT costs affordable.


Loricus has the infrastructure, tools and experience to not only provide day-to-day support of network operations, but also provide complete strategic technical assistance to ensure your IT operations run smoothly.  We offer four major service categories: Armored Protection, Managed Services, Precise IT Solutions and Vigilant Support.


Each Loricus team member has a solid technical background paired with superior interpersonal skills.  Our forte is having the ability to anticipate IT problems before they lead to downtime.


When challenges do arise, our team has the skills and experience to identify the best route of action and provide a viable solution.


At Loricus, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations regularly.

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