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Precise cutting-edge IT solutions are discounted for Armored Protection clients.  These services include:

  • Infrastructure Refresh

    • This would be a full or partial upgrade of systems and servers in a client's network

    • The goal would be to replace obsolete or limited pieces of software/equipment that are operating at full capacity, not providing stability and growth, or to add new functionality

    • This may include on-site or cloud technologies that are hosted at secure trusted partners

  • Security Assessment

    • This would be an assessment geared towards finding any loopholes or vulnerabilities in a client’s current security platforms

    • Solutions and their costs in order to fix the vulnerabilities are provided

  • IT/Business Assessment

    • This is an assessment that would entail speaking to a wide variety of employees at a company, from management to daily operations, to see how IT is helping or hindering them

    • A full technical assessment is also performed and current systems are analyzed

    • Data is collected and recommendations are made

  • Voice over IP

    • There are many ways a company can save a great deal of money by implementing a voice over IP phone system

    • These phone systems also have a great deal of features that can help optimize company workflows and productivity on a day-to-day basis

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