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We are always looking for talented, highly-motivated individuals to join our team. Client satisfaction is our number one goal, and our team is the instrument with which we deliver that promise. 

Each Loricus team member must have a solid technical background paired with superior interpersonal skills.  The ability to anticipate IT problems before they lead to down time is pivotal.  When challenges do arise, having the skills and experience to identify the best route of action is a necessity.  Clearly communicating with clients and other team members leads to quicker and more effective resolutions.  At Loricus,  we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations regularly.


Support Engineer candidates should have:

  • IT consulting experience

  • Great communication skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer engineering, computer science, or similar field

  • Microsoft, Cisco, or other technical certifications

  • A desire to increase knowledge to benefit themselves and those around them

Loricus offers a great benefits package to all of its team members. Please email us at for more information.

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